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Delta 330 strikes light pole at GSP, 777 sent to pick up pax

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BCN>ATL A330 strikes a light pole on diversion and landing into GSP. 777 sent from ATL to pick up passengers, delayed by tstrms in the ATL area. GSP must have been excited to receive a 330 and a 777 on the same day. ( עוד...

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Clam Shell 0
Interesting, and happy that nobody was hurt. This could have ended up a lot worse that it did.
Michael Fuquay 0
Gotta love the title - the triple 7 comes out on top over the a330 (atleast in my opinion).
waveblaster200 0
@Michael Fuq
No matter where you go its always going to be A vs. B.... Leave it at home
Wingscrubber 0
I wanna see some pics of the damage, and the lightpole.
Chris Bryant 0
I'd love to learn more about how this happened. The runway is 150' wide and there are no noted obstructions at either approach end.
Of course, the good thing is that no injuries were reported and it's only minor damage to the A330. It's also a good thing that GSP has that 11,000' runway!
flyguyatl 0
it happened after landing during taxi to the ramp....
Chris Bryant 0
Ah, that makes more sense. The referenced article did not indicate if it was during landing or taxi.
I guess the A330 pilot is bucking to move up to an A380. :D
Duke DeFouw 0
Just got back from visiting the airport. The aircraft, N810NW has been repaired. It's currently parked on the Fedex ramp.
Brian Bishop 0
I've been so busy with work this week I haven't been out there, but I have to drop my boss off there tomorrow afternoon. I'll see if I can find the light pole and get some photos. I didn't even hear about it. I have a buddy at the FD at GSP and I'll see if he got any photos of the plane if he was on duty.
Brian Bishop 0

It still lists ATL as the destination but the flight path clearly shows it going into GSP. If it's still there tomorrow, I'll get pics. The FedEx ramp is pretty wide open.

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