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Flying the Skycatcher: My Review of the Cessna 162

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I flew to Wichita to check out Cessna's new LSA. It's a whole lot of fun, but it's not perfect. Here's my review. ( עוד...

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David Trost 0
I agree that this is a great plane. I have had mine(#5) for 1 year. I received my private pilot in it this past winter. I have it in the Flight school at Panorama Flight Systems at KHPN. I just put the 300th hour on it today.
Patrick Flannigan 0
You had the perfect day to fly. Just beautiful weather in New York. So have you done the Hudson VFR corridor yet?
David Trost 0
I flew yesterday morning and the ceilings were borderline. they cleared up by midday.
I have only flown the route with ATC at 1500-2000ft. I guess that technically makes it above the corridor.

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