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Awesome Blue Angels routine in HD video

The Blue Angels capture the thrill of flight in this HD video taken from onboard and ground based cameras. Enjoy the ride. ( More...

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Matthew Stibbe 0
Cool video
:-) Thanks
jcisuclones 0
Is the page for this video not loading up or is just me? I'm going to see the Blue Angels this summer in Davenport, Iowa!
It loaded for OK me.
Toby Sharp 0
for me too. may it's the indian and not the arrow?
Josh Pegg 0
That was amazing. Two words that truly describe the US Navy: Trust and Teamwork. Awesome! I wish they'd come to Canada!
Matthew Stibbe 0
I think it's really bad that FlightAware arbitrarily changed the URL from Pat's original site to the YouTube video. Pat had written extra copy and had also gone to the trouble of finding and posting this video. I 'squawked' his post directly from his website. To be honest, I wouldn't put FlightAware on my site if they're going to do this kind of thing.
mark tufts 0
awesome video
Robert Schaub 0
Is it just my lack of familiarity with F/A-18 landing gear doors, or are the ones shown during the first 20 seconds awfully chewed up next to the wheels? They don't seem to have symmetric edges between sides.
Agreed Matt, whats the motivation to post content to Flightaware if publishers dont even get exposure.
Patrick, What would your web site URL be?
I run David
Thank you Patrick, interesting site, saved in bookmarks.


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