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Video: Red Air MD-82 catches fire in Miami after landing gear collapse

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MIAMI, FLORIDA — A Red Air MD-82 with 126 passengers on board caught fire after landing at Miami International Airport on June 21 when the front landing gear collapsed. Three people had minor injuries during the incident. ( עוד...

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Appears Fire & Rescue were on the wreck extremely fast. Great work on their part.
Erik Bruner 6
Landing gear collapse... yeah, that will happen when you approach the runway sideways.
Mark Kortum 2
At 500 fpm descent rate.
Larry Morgan 2
Just imagine 1/3 of Red Air's entire fleet was wiped out.
Peter Ertman 1
Actually it was 1/4, they had four aircraft.
Larry Morgan 1
Ok, I thought I read they had a total of 3 aircraft, thank you for the correction.
LakeGator 3
They do, NOW! ;-)
Yassine Cherfouni 1
I’m not sure why this Airline still flying the MD80’s.
It is best to replace them by 737-800/900’s as soon as they can.
Serious incidents and accidents involving the MD80’s:
All MD 82’s, Tarbes , France 2018.
Copenhagen, Denmark 2013.
Barajas , Spain 2008.
Phuket , Thailand 2007.
Same year , Helsinki, Finland.
2002 anchorage Alaska .
Too many incidents not to consider changing to new Aircraft’s.
sparkie624 2
Another Low Cost Airline, Hate to see this.. Only 3 Minor Injuries, That is good news. I think the crew could have done a better Job evacuating the plane... Took forever for the Front door to open and no Chute deployed that I could see.
David Isaacs 6
It also appeared that many passangers stopped to get the carry-on luggage.
Andre Duijnmayer 3
Personally I think everyone taking that caeey on luggage down chute should be charged with attempted manslaughter.
Roy Hunte 2
And water bottles...
David Isaacs 6
These were to use to put out the fire.
RECOR10 -8
This can from the Dominican...had the plane been in a massive fireball covered in muriatic acid...still better than where they left....
Dan Boss 1
What has happened to so called "journalism" these days? The article states it was the nosegear, when in fact it was the left main gear that collapsed on the runway, and all gear were sheared off when the plane hit the grass and slammed into the glideslope antenna and shack for runway 30.

See Blancolirio for the real scoop:

He actually flew the Mad Dog (MD-8x) and points out that because the main gear is so far aft, that if you flare incorrectly, and pull back hard to correct an improper flare, this slams the mains into the ground as the plane rotates about it's cg. He indicates that in a flare too soon, you actually need to ease the nose down to correct and avoid slamming the mains.

The other factor here, from first hand knowledge (I live between MIA and PBI) is that Tuesday afternoon the wind was extremely wicked. 20 knot gusts with lots of shear. Another cell video showed the approach and flare, and he floated almost halfway down runway 9 - and it is likely that a shearing gust caught this bad final/flare and suddenly dropped the airspeed by a good 10-20 knots, making the plane in the floating condition, drop like a rock onto the mains. It's still bad technique, but the result is the same.
James Simms 1
Journalism standards have dropped precipitously with the advent of the Internet along with the lack/drop of local newspapers to train with. Use to be get the facts straight before publication, now it’s to rush to be first, then issue a correcting addendum.
Peter Fuller 1
“…..then issue a correcting addendum.”…..or not. Many “news” articles, and the organizations/people behind them, seek only to get as many hits/eyeballs-on as possible. Accuracy takes a back seat, or is left at the curb.
Yassine Cherfouni 1
The pilots did a great job . The MD 82 landing gears should either be redesigned or retire the MD 82’s .
I think it’s time to look for more modernized aircraft’s.

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