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Dog dies after United flight attendant forces it into overhead bin

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During the flight, an attendant insisted that the woman put her dog, which was held in a TSA-approved pet carrier, in an overhead bin for the rest of the flight. Passengers heard barking during the flight, but didn’t learn that the dog had died until the flight was over. ( עוד...

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Highflyer1950 10
What kind of training is UAL giving their F/A’s these days? This was utterly stupid.
sparkie624 5
"THEY ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY"... You just can't replace a family member like it is a wrecked car! I wonder what Flight Number/Carrier (if regional) this was... No acceptable reason for this! The FA should be fired!
chalet 4
A pet dog is a member of the family. Ram the beetsh inside a bin until she chokes. She has no heart and screw United Airlines of Crap.
shrudini 5
The women should get unlimited united flights and a free dog.
deafsea 2
I do not believe that attendant who "DID NOT" know that it was in the its cage. Also, I am sure that she heard the dog barking. NO EXCUSE... What about other attendant who could have help them. Have that crappy attendant pay back!!
shrudini 1
linbb 1
Part in fact a good part is on the owner as I would never do that to any of my pets. It would be just like putting a baby in there. And to the United person, you are an entitled idiot.
Mike C 0
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Dog dies after flight attendant forces owner to place it in overhead bin

A family is mourning the loss of their bulldog after a United Airlines flight attendant forced its owner to put the puppy in an overhead bin.

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