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NBAA Renames Annual U.S. Show 'Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition'

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The NBAA has re-branded its largest annual U.S. event from “Annual Meeting & Convention” to “Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition” (“BACE”). In announcing the change, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen noted that, given the global nature of business aviation, the Association co-hosts dedicated, business-aviation-only events around the world. The new name for NBAA’s largest event brings it into alignment with the other shows. ( עוד...

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Daniel Baker 0
I think it will be difficult for the public to adopt since people are so accustomed to referring to the event as "NBAA" rather than "AM&C," a term that was almost exclusively used by NBAA itself. It may have more traction, however, since now it's consistent with EBACE and ABACE.

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