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Think you could land a plane in an emergency? Here’s why you can’t.

Picture this: You are on a flight when you learn that the pilots have fallen ill and can no longer fly the plane. A voice comes over the public address system, asking for a volunteer to help land the aircraft. You have no experience, but you have seen “Airplane!” and “Snakes on a Plane.” Maybe you’ve frittered away hours on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. You throw off your seat belt and march toward the cockpit, your cape rustling behind you. Hold on, hero. You might want to return to your seat… ( More...

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sparkie624 9
If there are no qualified pilots on the plane period, and I do have real flight experience (own my plane), even though not in type, I would give it a shot... I think I would have a Better Shot at doing it, than just allowing the plane to become a Lawn Dart with ever how many people are on board... Some times, you just have to do your best and hope for a miracle.
sparkie624 2
Someone with zero real flight Experience would be a Joke in the Cockpit! It would be nothing more than a Lawn Dart, And MS Flight Sim would not be of much help. you maybe able read the panel and turn the yolk... you you have to know the feel and sort of an idea of what to expect.
victorbravo77 2
I literally found it easier to fly my C150 trainer than anything in MSFS. And, I've been playing MSFS since version 3.

No "seat of the pants" sensation. No real-world stimuli in MSFS (among other things).

Iain Girling 3
In a last chance saloon situation, surely someone doing something is better than nobody doing anything. If they fail, the result is the same anyway.


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