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United rolls out retro plane to celebrate anniversary

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Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a specially painted aircraft. To celebrate its 85th anniversary on Wednesday, United rolled out an Airbus A320 painted in its 1970s-era "Friend Ship" paint job. The company unveiled the jet at an employee celebration at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. ( עוד...

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dmanuel 0
I’d like to have them offer a flight, in the DC-3 or B-247, on one of the original cross-country routes.
agg1930 0
It would have been more appropriate to use a US made airplane! AS suggested by others, a DC-3 or a 247D would have been better choices!
William Power 0
I liked this paint scheme then, and I still think it looks great. Clean and distinctive, even in this world of sophisticated graphics, "wraps" and the like.
chalet 0
capnvic Clay Lacy, the legend of a pilot onws a beautifully restored DC-3 in United 1950's livery
The interior is full-executive type no more than 10 seats. A real beauty.
alfadog 0
Sorry, I refuse to fly in any airplane that does not have neat graphics on the vertical stabilizer.
David F. Franks 0
Looks good and hats off to the planning dept. But in my opinion would have looked better with a 747, or even better a 757.
dmanuel 0
If they reverted to the level of customer service offered 85 years ago, more passengers would join in the celebration.
Ricky Scott 0
Love the 70s livery. It brings back memories of my very first Commercial flight out of KGEG. A United 727 on my way to Boot Camp in San Diego.
mr3gtp 0
Should've done a 247D. Still, looks good.
Jonathan Cain 0
i wish instead of painting aircraft for fun they'd lower fares...all of the carriers..
vic holtzinger 0
I wish they would have painted up a DC-3, THAT would have been a CELEBRATION!
mark tufts 0
it is neat to see a retro paint job on a plane i wish they would do retro paint jobs on the other aircraft

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