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Southwest Airlines To Add Power Outlets, Improve Wi-Fi

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Southwest Airlines is making two major changes, including the addition of USB power outlets and improving Wi-Fi speeds. ( עוד...

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WhiteKnight77 1
As these upgrades are happening to Max aircraft, I wonder how many will still want to fly on the older NGs that will not have such due to it only being on Max planes?
Mike Mohle 2
Hopefully then, they will all work. I am "that guy" who always seems to draw the seat with the TV monitor that is not working for a long flight..... (not on SWA of course).
marion14505 3
This is a big deal to me, as well. I'm a Southwest frequent flier for business and one of the things I've hated is having to cram around airport charging stations (especially during COVID) to try to charge things for the next flight. This will be a welcome boon!
avionik99 5
I care about this. Its about time Southwest decided that their passengers deserve some niceties that other airlines have provided for years now. They had given us the worst seat room of nearly any airline for years and on those long haul flights to boot! Nothing like a little competition from other low cost carriers to start them finally caring about us passengers comfort. Just how many penny's did Southwest pinch to not have outlets or decent WiFi?
Lewis Tripp 2
Pay higher fares on other airlines. Your problem is solved.

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marion14505 9
Except you care enough to tell us you do not care. Precious seconds of your life telling strangers that you don't care about something indicates that you care, just in a negative way. I suggest you seek either counseling or remedial English classes to either more fully understand your feelings or else to more fully understand the meaning of the word "care."
Cleffer 8
This is exactly what you are saying when you hit the "down vote" button. Next time do that instead of commenting.
Victor Engel 0
Thanks - done. A much more useful feature for me would be a shutter or blind on planes with a TV, especially if it's positioned closer than my comfortable viewing distance. I always forget to bring something to block the screen. Sure, you can shut them off for part of the time, but they always seem to turn on anyway for certain things.

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