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Pelican blocks taxiing plane

Based on the Twitter video, that had to be a sick bird. Not moving, with all of the noise surrounding it, is a sure sign it wasn't healthy. Hopefully it doesn't have the Avian Influenza which is currently ravaging the bird population in the Midwest and East. Not sure the car trying to move the bird along did anyone any favors. A different angle of approach would have been better to try and herd the bird away from the active runway. ( More...

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sparkie624 1
I guess the Pelican was not tuned to the correct Frequency and was waiting for clearance to move! I doubt he (or she) had the proper equipment to get ATC Clearance to move! :) or maybe he was waiting for clearance to move! - I feel the vehicle should approached from another angle, the way he flew off, I am glad he did not get sucked into an engine!


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