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Man who lived in O'Hare airport for months to avoid COVID cleared of trespassing charges

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Aditya Singh, 37, had been busted in O’Hare International Airport in January and accused of living in a secure area there since he had arrived in October 2020. ( עוד...

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Ed Kostiuk 5
Good, it's more of why didn't someone notice. IF all employees are trained in semi security issues at Airports why didn't someone take notice over the months he lived there.
Cleffer 4
Took long enough for that case to clear the courts. Wow.

jmilleratp 0
Chicago is a war zone. So, I am guessing they have to deal with all the killings first.
ADXbear 2
Was his name Tom Hanks?
silvano Cerboneschi 1
poor people need help
srobak 2
Or they can help themselves
Phil Howry 0
This report highlights the current administration's "twisted" logic of allowing illegal immigration at our nation's southern border; (i.e. to avoid COVID). Why would Mr. Singh feel safe in Texas, Arizona, or California given his absurd airport excuse?

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