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Delta Flight Left The Gate With More Passengers Than Seats

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Early this morning Delta flight 1732 from Charleston, South Carolina to Atlanta pushed back from the gate – with more passengers on board than seats. The Boeing 737-900 has 180 passenger seats, but there were 182 passengers on board. The aircraft returned to the gate quickly to offload the extra passengers, but this is uncommon enough I tried to find out how this happened and why the aircraft was moving back from the gate without everyone on board being seated. ( עוד...

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very good patrick!
Robert Cowling 2
I find the idea that an air carrier could allow more people than seats to enter a plane, and they would actually start taxiing to take off incredibly frightening. Someone really needs to figure out WTH happened!!!
patrick baker 8
this happens on most sky diving flights, but pretty soon there are plenty of empty seats.
Alex Sullivnan 2

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