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A man suing 7 airlines plans to accuse them of a 'conspiracy to interfere with civil rights' - and says more people are joining his lawsuit

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A frequent flier suing seven airlines plans to broaden his lawsuit with new plaintiffs. Lucas Wall said he plans on Monday to file an amended complaint with about 10 new plaintiffs. Additional charges will include including "conspiracy to interfere with civil rights," he said. A frequent flier suing seven US airlines said he plans to file an amended complaint on Monday, which will add multiple plaintiffs to his lawsuit over the airlines' mask requirements. Lucas Wall, of… ( עוד...

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Torsten Hoff 8
It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a FAA requirement…
Roy Hunte 5
Poor chap doesn't realise that it's federal regulations. Some airlines would probably be glad to get rid of the mandate, but they have to abide by federal rules.
Roy Hunte 5
Mr Wall is apparently still on the fence.
Tommy Boy 11
The guy claims he "can't" wear a mask because he has a "generalized anxiety disorder". Then maybe he shouldn't be flying at all if he's so anxious that he can't wear a mask.

He will lose the case - guaranteed.
Michael Hoare 5
A generalised anxiety disorder…they can’t say exactly what their problem is but yeah I can’t do this or can’t wear that…
ed lang 10
I guess everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.If you're that anxious about wearing a mask you've got MUCH bigger issues with your life.

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