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Small plane smacks into kayaker when it loses control during takeoff, Oregon cops say

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A 42-year-old woman was kayaking on the Willamette River in Oregon when a small plane crashed into her, officials said. The pilot was taking off from a small gravel island in the middle of the river Wednesday when he lost control and smacked into the kayak, the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office said. The kayaker was hurt but the extent of her injuries were not disclosed. ( עוד...

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Jean Marc PITTONI 1
no chance 😒
Robert Cowling 1
Bad place, bad time. Wow...
sparkie624 1
I smell a Lawsuit coming on this one!
Rebel Helms 0
How coincidental… this plane hits the only person kayaking in the river … 🤨 little odd to me. What’s the deal with rivers anyways ? We’ve had two recent plans crashes in the river in my local area. One being the owner of Phillips 66🤨 o i l company….. gonna need more detail for sure
Chris Muncy 3
So what was the issue w/ the plane? Glad the kayaker appears to be not critical. A little frustrated that this news piece is a bit lacking in more details.
linbb 4
Think he was making a normal TO quite often the tires will skim the water should have been more alert for things. Bad pilot skills here. And yes have been on board of a light AC landing and taking off from a short gravel bar.
Peter Fuller 4
A bit more detail:

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