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British Airways jet took a nose dive because mechanic was too short to lock landing gear

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A British Airways jet collapsed on its nose at Heathrow Airport after a mechanic was too short to lock its landing gear into place, a report has revealed. The lead mechanic was tasked with securing the nose landing gear of the Boeing 787-8 in the down position before a planned flight to Germany last month. But according to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch report, he was “not tall enough” to reach a pin needed to lock landing gear, so asked a taller colleague to perform the task. However,… ( עוד...

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Dale Ballok 13
Why did the caption under the picture say , the “flight” took a nosedive?
There was no “flight”!
The “plane” took a nosedive while sitting on the ramp.
b n 6
Putting it in the wrong hole can certainly cause problems.
Steven Palmer 1
Yeah cussif you do then you are in the SH one T

John Fischbach 4
The good thing is no one was killed. The bad thing was the accident. This accident also tells us how quickly they, accidents, can happen. As a past flight safety committee chair for The Teamsters Union for aircraft mechanics at a major airline, I reviewed and investigated a few accidents, pin installation and removal is an issue. Prevention of this error, is double checking one’s work, by the mechanic who is charged with movement of the device. This practice can help prevent accidents. Also, look at point of installation not the remove before flight flag for both LOTO installation and removal. Don’t forget the MSAP ASRS found in the company’s SMS program. Different countries may call these programs by different names, just be aware. Work safe and good luck.
Robert Cowling 3
It has been interesting, reading accident reports. Some are just a cascade of various incidents that, taken by themselves would be a *shrug*, and people moved on, but some are a cascade of those, strung together, and the end result is *BOOM*. So many are just so freaky as to how they happened. Someone didn't notice something, and someone else didn't notice something else, and someone didn't hear a warning, and...
aurodoc 2
Bad problem that combines human mistake with design problem. This should be a preventable accident with a design that does not allow a pin to be placed into a wrong bore located near the correct placement site. (You cannot put a diesel fuel nozzle in a gasoline tank because the nozzle size is too big to fit into a gasoline receptacle.) The bore size of the apex pin bore should be too small to allow the NLG pin to be accidentally placed. Take human error out of the equation.
ToddBaldwin3 3
This is a classic example of Murphy's Law at work.
Jamar Jackson 2
He needs a step stool or a ladder. Little people problems gone cost millions to fix
Chris B 1
Duplicate squawk.
Ken Riehl 1
Timothy Clark 0
If you are to short, stand on something and do the job you were tasked to do. Common sense if you ask me.
Wow, some people.
Leonard Gemar 1
He used a step-stool performing that same task on the main gear. He asked a taller workmate to perform the task on the nose gear and that worker screwed up. Read the article.

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