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Boeing 787 Descent, Holding & Landing at London Heathrow

In the cockpit of the Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 for descent, holding and landing at London Heathrow Airport ( More...

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Highflyer1950 1
Always amazed at how much over controlling when the A/P is disengaged after 19:00 in the video. Granted, corrections are are more finite the closer you get to the runway but none the less a good job
Isn't that part of the reason the FAA recommended that pilots stop relying on automation? They are losing the ability to hand fly the planes. In ground school, one student was miffed that we weren't being shown, from day one, how to engage the autopilot. The instructor said that was because ground school, and most of your early pilot training was learning to 'fly the plane'. Plus, in a VFR only pilot situation, relying on automation could result in the inadvertent flight into IFR conditions. He presented a few cases of VFR early pilots using their planes automation to end up in a bad situation, and needing ATC assistance to get out of it.

He said that after we 'graduated', and after we had our certificate, we could fly any way we wanted, but in his class, and that school, they would be hand flying all of their lessons. He said that he loves to feel the commercial planes he's been in, being hand flown. It's the mark of a pilot that really loves to fly.

Anyway, 'Small moves, small moves...'


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