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Lion Air Finds Cracks On Younger Boeing 737s

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Indonesian airline Lion Air has found structural cracks in two of its Boeing 737 aircraft ( עוד...

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It doesn't really matter if it was hard landings, under inflated tires, over max loading or UFO's firing ray guns, the pickle forks are cracked and need attention. If a sample of 10 out of universe of 1,000 are inspected and 1 is found to be cracked, the entire universe must, at least, be inspected.
Highflyer1950 1
My guess is a substantial number of hard landings when unreported to maintenance, not just with Lion Air but many other carriers as well. Coupled with the fact that the subject aircraft were probably under max landing weights the decision to report would have been left to the pilots, who as we know never report hard landings unless the aircraft takes full power to taxi afterwards?

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