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Air France may choose A330neo as the A380 replacement

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Paris, France - On July 31st, Air France-KLM announced that the Airbus A330neo is one of the possible successors for the outdated A380s of Air France. Other options to order more Boeing 787 or Airbus A350. ( עוד...

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skylab72 3
"No longer useful or modern" Cambridge Dictionary

In this case, may be the high capacity long haul hub-and-spoke business model that is "Outdated".
mdburd 1
My family enjoyed our trip on the A380 from LAX to CDG last year.
We had 4 of the 9 seats in F. Only one available in the cabin-- so that day AF should have broken even at least...

The big jet will be missed.
Larry Toler 7
The A380 wasn't a good fit for Air France. Seems to work better with Asian carriers. Outdated? So wouldn't any 747 or A340 model be outdated as they are way older and have 4 engines?
charlie lange -4
It means "White Elephant". Always was.
Larry White -5
What does "outdated" to my fellow flightaware members mean?? I think of telephone booths, "No cigar or pipe smoking allowed" signs in restaurants, "Whites Only" signs in restaurants, ash trays on airplanes,even though some foreign airlines still allow smoking, Air France-KLM comes to mind. Why are they calling it "outdated"? What year did Air France start using the A380?
Mike Boote 3
Though it isn't stated in this article, Air France has long fretted about replacing the "outdated" interiors on their A380's. The fact that it would cost $45 million per aircraft, is what drove them to retire the model. Air France has also long bemoaned how difficult the A380 is to fill, so a smaller, more efficient, airliner makes a lot of sense. The 787 is probably not in the discussion as they are sending the 787's on order to KLM.
airuphere 6
“Whites only..” is a hell of a lot more than outdated.. bad analogy, outdated thinking.
Chris B 3
With airlines constantly pushing for lower fuel costs and higher power outputs from engine manufacturers, its inevitable that the 4 engined airplanes will go to the scrap yard long before their originally projected sell by date.

I just hope to travel in one before they are gone.
Henry Petit 3
The A380 itself is probably not outdated yet, but the A380 cabins of Air France are certainly outdated. The company has to invest millions to renew them, but it's doubtful if it can get back its investment.
Thorsten Hölscher 4
Thorsten Hölscher 5
The article above link explains well why it is outdated.

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