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Dramatic footage emerges of tyre explosion on aircraft tug at Hong Kong airport as plane prepares for flight to Seoul

A tyre exploded and flew off an aircraft tug on Tuesday as the machine was pulling a plane at Hong Kong airport, endangering workers nearby, it has emerged. At least one worker was driving the tug and two “wing walkers” were standing either side of the Hong Kong Airlines plane when the explosion took place. It happened only seconds after the aircraft began pushing back from the departure gate for its flight to Seoul. ( More...

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linbb -1
Find the narrative stupid but was quite dramatic to see. What would be worth knowing is why as don't think they use the old method of a split ring holding the tire on. But who knows its an overseas airport so could have old equipment.

mark robinson 0
"But who knows, its an overseas airport so could have old equipment"
What a ridiculous statement to make - on so many levels!
1. Whatever country you're in, you're obviously assuming that any other country is inferior to yours.
2. There's more airport development going on in China, for example, than anywhere else in the world (over 70 new ones to open in next 2 years), which will no doubt have brand spanking new equipment
3. Why do you assume equipment age was the problem?
4. Finally, as you say, "Who knows?". Yes indeed......


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