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A United passenger has accused the airline of covering up a 'terrifying' and 'near death' incident that he claims could have ended with the pilots being 'sucked out of the plane'. The passenger, Theodore Liaw, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday regarding United Flight 931 from Chicago to London on October 27 last year. ( עוד...

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aknorris 4
First of all, if the pilots actually said half of what Ted claims, they should be in deep crap. Professionalism in the cockpit goes beyond flying the aircraft. I actually suspect ol' Ted is delusional on that point, though.

Second of all, Ted needs to stop flying until he gets over himself. He should stop suing over things he doesn't understand too....
sparkie624 3
That guy is an idiot! That A/C has a Plug Windows and no way for that to happen... Birds have been documented that high even though rare. A flight crew in the 70's somewhere over seas had a large bird to impact the FO's Windshield, penetrated killing the FO and the Engineer!. Strange things happen.

Richard Orgill 2
I highly doubt any pilot would make those comments. This gent sounds like a "looney bird" (pun intended.)
canuck44 2
Hopefully when the court determines this is frivolous, Ted will be assessed the United expenses.
mary susan watkins 1
Oh good grief! although we all understand things can and do happen (as with the southwest airlines incident a few months back)this sounds like a person attempting to get money from united airlines..did any other passengers have similar feelings or speak with the cockpit crew about what occurred?that is not mentioned..also,professional,experienced cockpit crews would not have such a conversation with a passenger..
chalet 1
Notice to UNITED: Give this poor jerk $10K worth of vouchers or tickets and just watch him take a long journey to Hawaii of Europe immediately throwing off his fear or ever flying again, and sue him for lying.

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