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Rescued from aircraft boneyard, restored D-Day plane unveiled at EAA AirVenture

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OSHKOSH – Looking at the plane with colorful nose art and black and white stripes painted on its wings, it’s easy to imagine it waiting to take off with other aircraft on a moonless night in 1944, it’s cargo hold filled with anxious paratroopers. A C-47 transport plane dubbed “That’s All, Brother” was one of the lead aircraft in the D-Day invasion and was found three years ago in the boneyard of Basler Aviation in Oshkosh. ( עוד...

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WhiteKnight77 7
With the crash of another C-47 recently, knowing that another one has been restored is good. Old aircraft have a certain aura about them that modern aircraft do not have.
flypilot12 6
Why so many down votes on this? You people don't like aviation history?

Kenneth Schmidt 3
I suggest it is not the message, but personal bias against the messenger. And when it is by at least one person who gets 3 votes to our 1, it is overemphasized.
Enough can't be said about the dedicated folks involved in ventures like this. KUDOS!!!
96flstc 3
We just completed the annual on the Greatest Generation Aircraft "Southern Cross" N87745. Seventy six years young and still a working girl! (I think we have one pilot older than the cross). She took us to OSH again this year without a hitch (except weather) A jump mission to Louisiana this week, Alliance Air Show, VFM Hangar Dance rides, Wings over Dallas jumps in a couple of weeks then our busy Christmas light flights kick off the day after Thanksgiving. BTW - 25 hurricane Harvey relief missions flown. Great aircraft keeping history alive.
canuck44 2
Many of them are still hard at work and it would be interesting to know the numbers. They have made life livable here in Southwest Florida as the "Lee County Air Force" has killed off the mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. They are found in Arctic Canada and I have seen them in Africa, all of them older than the pilots who fly them.
joel wiley 0
My dad was health officer/mosquito abatement officer at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage AK around 1950. Got a lot of hours in doing that.
Ben West 1
It is lovely to see and hear these old birds taking to the sky once more. At the end of the war, there was no effort to save some of them for the future, I guess they wanted to forget the war and get on with their peaceful lives.
Brian Sullivan 1
Awesome restoration.
anthony delmonaco 1
Wow they did a beautiful job on it. I'm glad to see these pieces of history being preserved so I can show my son when he gets a little older and hopefully spark his love for aviation.

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