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Airlines making billions with extra charges for customers

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Air Canada's 'ancillary' fees for customers add up to big bucks ( עוד...

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andrewcarter747b 1
Ha the Aussie airline ripping people off Qantas airways go online to there website make a flight see how much charges they add to the ticket price and the taxes they charge are a rip off. If these departure taxes would be paid separately to the Customs or the Australia airport company it would be a lot lower.

The real secret to this scam from the airlines is that every time the land a jet or it's parked up for a day on the ramps. It cost them $1000 to do this no matter what size the jet. This is where your departure tax comes into this bill so think who is profiting from this?
andrewcarter747b 1
By the way pay by credit card at Qantas and they double the surcharge rate for buying the ticket. A way to beat the airlines at there game if you have enough frequent flyer points is to up grade you class of travel if it's worth the trip. For example fly from BNE to NZAA NZ it cost you $132.00 on anz or QFA who charge $186.00 ONE WAY PLUS the surcharges of the credit card and the departure taxes. So buying a cheap econo fare then upgrade to business class for 4500 points more saves you money. Now if you if you redeem you frequent flyer points which is 30,000 one way your taxes are less for some reason and there are no other charges?. So get the picture.
sueridge307 1
Wow Andrew you don't like Qantas I see your point. Try Lufthansa the German airline never go with them real hiked up airfares
linbb 0
And why then do they charge for it if it costs them NOTHING to do so? Its because they are charged by the airport fees for doing so. They rent space at airports they may own the building but lease the ramp and area where they have the building.

Get your facts before posting.
matt jensen 1
COPA encourages pax to pay with wire transfers to avoid the c/c fees
dodger4 1
It's already part of the price we pay for a ticket, linbb. What's next? Dry-cleaning of the seat covers, groomers, uniforms for crew, in-flight magazine...when does it stop? It's limited only by the creativity of the money grabbers.

ANYTHING done electronically should be without charge. Only charges for human intervention can be justified. We should just get an all-inclusive price for a ticket and that's it....walk onto the plane and go. All these extra charges are a total rip off AFAIAC.

Look at the amount, size, and weight of carry-on-baggage these days. People trying to escape baggage fees bringing 30-45 lb baggage onto the plane, that you can't even roll up the aisle. What happened to the 9x16x20 12 lbs max, and things you need in-flight...? That used to be the rules.

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