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Cebu Pacific Safety Briefing

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I don't know if the US carriers could pull this off, but for an airline like Cebu Pacific it's brilliant. ( עוד...

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It is good .. and they appear to still be "N'Sync"
Ted Glenn 0
That's a good way to make sure passengers pay attention.

go2phls 0
Yes they do these little games onboard, where they have contests asking for various items, sometimes they will have a passenger sing a song they start on the loud speaker, I always laugh, The attendants and pilots always in a good mood I fly twice a year from HKG to MNL, just returned the 5th this month. The flights are cheap and ontime most of the time, just dont try and get a refund, it takes an act of congress to accomplish this.
Kevin Smith 0
So thats what goes on during the safety briefing, I am usually reading. Have flown Cebu Pacific many times but the FA's never did this on my flights. Great way to reinforce the safety message, I bet everyone watched them.

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