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Animals Were Sacrificed To Fix This Broken Jet

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In 2007, Nepal Airlines sacrificed a pair of goats to help solve some of its aircraft maintenance issues. According to the BBC, the airline confirmed that the animals were slaughtered at Kathmandu's international airport in front of the airline's malfunctioning Boeing 757-200. ( עוד...

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Anybody have any goats for sale? I need them before my next annual.
linbb 1
A good way to plan ahead so it will go smooth, might do it before the mechanic finds out as he might put some reverse mojo on your AC. LOL
joel wiley 1
As the animals were scapegoated 7 years ago, anyone want to do a statistical analysis on the repair frequency on this a/c vs others in the fleet? If significant differences were seen, it could lead to further testing the hypothesis....

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