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Textron to Acquire Beechcraft

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Textron to Acquire Beechcraft in $1.4 billion deal. ( עוד...

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(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Cessna parent company to buy Beechcraft

The purchase was announced on Thursday night and would bring two mainstays of Wichita's general aviation industry under a single corporate leadership.
preacher1 2
Maybe a different URL but duplicate story. Posted earlier in week.
Daniel Baker 3
It was a rumor before, only announced officially yesterday, when this article was posted.
biz jets 1
?? Guess it was a rumour if you don't happen to believe the Financial Times, but it was reported as factual from person's privy to the deal - which in fact was accurate.

Textron refused to comment but released the following statement yesterday; .

Further more Bill Boisture Beechcraft's CEO stated in today's market call, Textron expect to earn their investment back in 3 1/2 years from King Air sales.

The deal calls for 300 million in cash from Textron, and 1.1 Billion in new debt for Beechcraft. (1.4 Billion dollar Cash deal).

Included in the deal was the Beechjet, Premier 1A, Hawker 200, Hawker's, and Hawker 4000 - Beechcraft will not build any of these jets - but plan to supply parts and maintenance.

They hope to sell Citations to King Air owners that upgrade to jets, and if the Texan II sales don't pickup - they will be shut down as well.

There was no comment on any other aircraft type.
matt jensen 0
Contain the competition
biz jets 1
Basically the most accurate statement on the deal so far.

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