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Delta to Refund Federal Taxes on Flights During FAA Shutdown

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Delta Air Lines on Monday announced that it would refund federal taxes to customers on flights booked before the FAA shutdown. ( עוד...

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They have figured out that it is better to the right thing than to be part of the class action that will surely come against those that choose to keep the money. I wouldn't have given the suits at Delta that much credit.

lou nagy 0
***AS LONG AS IT IS A "CASH REFUND"; AFTER ALL YOU PAID W/CASH, RIGHT!! There may be those airlines that wld refund in a form of a 'vocher' to be used toward your next flt; HOWEVER, a 'voucher/coupon' can only be used when you CALL for that RESERVATION; and you know some airlines CHARGE you for using that VOUCHER, and CHARGE you for makeing that call toward your reservation....HENCE, that VOUCHER'S face value "DEFLATED". PEOPLE...KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE GETTING AND WHAT IS RIGHT and watch YOUR carrier's plan , in a TOTAL CASH REFUND...THNKS
travelczar 0
I smell a logistic nightmare.
Everyone uses credit or debit cards, or paypal. Easy to credit there accounts. Waiting for USAir to get on board....
flynavy001 0
So let me get this right - the Federal Goverment is hemorraging with debt but the Congress cannot pass the legislation required to continue the FAA mandate and thus collect the $200,000,000 per week in taxes. And to make it better, the Congress is about to take their month long Summer recess (vacation)so nothing will get done until September. This works out to a billion dollars plus in thrown away taxes. Per the press reports, the dispute is over rules making it easier for airline employees to unionize.

I guess this could be view as a stimulus package to the passengers who are not paying the taxes. Or even better a stimulus for the airlines who are keeping the taxes - (want to bet it is the same airlines buying a few representative in order to kill the union issue).

The whole political system sucks. If the FAA is to shut down, then they should shut the whole thing down - ATC functions and all. If the politicians can't fly home for their monthlong vacations and the phones are ringing off the wall because Joe Taxepayer can't fly to see Grandma, I bet they Congress would figure it out.
Rema Allen 0
I wonder if any of the international airlines will do the same? I.E. China Airlines, Asiana, etc. I am leaving for SE Asia soon and would qualify.
Tim Bray 0
What really bothers me about this is that the airlines have increased their fares to match or even exceed the previous fares, which means they are getting pure profit off of this.There is no reduction in fare pricing due to the elmination of this tax. In The meantime, thousands of gov. contractors have been laid off. What a great way to stimulate the economy, the big companies get more money, and the workers get the shaft. Same thing that has been happening in the US for a while, and now there is a clear and consise trail to follow the action/reaction of our politicians decisions/actions. Follow the money trail people. Who really benefits from this issue?
Tim Bray 0
I know i misspelled concise. You have the right idea flynavy001.

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