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Video: Cargolux Boeing 747-400 Freighter Damaged in Turbulent Landing Attempt

FINDEL, LUXEMBOURG — A Cargolux Boeing 747-400 freighter gained attention on social media after a failed landing attempt led to damage to the aircraft. On April 15, the plane took off from Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport, heading to Luxembourg Findel Airport. ( More...

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sharon bias 7
A buff and new paint should fix that right up.
Rob Putman 4
It does not appear that the flaps were fully extended…would explain a lot of things.
Carlos Bea 1
Hi. I fly 747’s. The landing flaps are either 25 degrees or 30 degrees. Lighter weights & long runways allow 25 degrees. Heavy weights & shorter runways require 30 degrees.
EMK69 12
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I was watching this video the other day on the blancolirio channel and Juan Browne kept saying, Flare, Flare, flare... This crew is lucky they didn't damage the aircraft more seriously. Someone was not paying attention to their situational awareness.
Charles Ensley 5
Appears to not stop the high sink rate before touchdown. High sink rates without a corrective measure like adding power or some more flare if you have enough left not to get a tail strike will always correct a high sink landing. 747"s land very well, so it's hard to screw one up, but this poor guy did. Expect the F/O was flying and the Captain couldn't catch it in time. He probably commanded the go around to keep things from getting worse. Shit happens.
Ha ha! Probably the F/O? As the Russian sub XO said in The Hunt for Red October " you arrogant prick"!
Reminds me of some DC8-70 series pod strikes on landing. Let the nose down with a wing down a tad too much and hello pod strike,
Juan Jimenez 4
15kt crosswind is peanuts for a 747. 175kt landing speed is 25-30kts over normal. This is not even pilot error, it's pilot stupidity.
James Cox 2
No sure what caused the aircraft to bank but I think anything over 5deg of bank will result in an engine strike. You really have to keep the wings level when landing a 747.
mcrossbow24 2
Too fast.
avionik99 5
Sounds like there was very turbulent weather that caused this, but No it was just a horrible landing by poor skills in the cockpit.
David Beattie 4
I’m sure the NTSB will seek out your professional help with this.
Juan Jimenez 4
I'm sure the NTSB will take your expert advice and go investigate an incident in LUXEMBOURG involving an aircraft not registered in the US. 🤣🤣🤣
Stephan Neuer 1
turbulent also means uncontrolled. It is not necessarily related to weather. But you are right, when it comes to aviation, weather comes to mind first.
Michael Osmers 2
Turbulence does not mean uncontrolled! 15 knots crosswind is nowhere near the maximum demonstrated of 35-40 knots. Look close at the video. No crosswind correction. Worse, no flare (the aircraft is certified to land at maximum crosswind in a crab). No flare combined with improper control input (not correcting for the crosswind) is clear. The non-flare resulted in a bounce that exacerbated the situation. Then it looks like a pitch down when the go around should have been initiated. Just after the bounce, look at the right wing which is very high highlighting the improper control placement (it should have been slightly wing low to level). With no (right) crosswind correction, possibly even opposite control input (I’ve seen that happen in stressful situations with inexperienced F/O’s) combined with wing flexing from the excessive descent rate at touchdown and you get pod strikes.
avionik99 1
Thank you for supporting my thesis, I hope David and Juan are reading this!
bentwing60 3
Golly, if I really wanted to blow it, I'd do it at home in front of the chief pilots office. 's'

I'd call that an expensive bentwing.
mimana 1
We've seen this guy landing a few times here at MIA. Hope to see it soon again.
ddieterich 1
It looks like the PIC tried to force it down onto the runway after it bounced.
Ouch! Glad the plane was tough enough to make the second try!
dodger4 1
Ouch!! That hurt! I wonder if it was one of those 1,500-hour pilots...😅
jhakunti 0
It was Europe so likely the pilot had less than 1500.
James Simms -3
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patrick baker 4
Roy Hunte 2
We're here for aviation not your overpriced toys.
Alan Glover 3
It's a bot. Ignore.


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