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Two SpiceJet Pilots Suspended Over Photo Of Uncovered Cup Of Tea On Throttle Quadrant

Two SpiceJet pilots have landed themselves in hot water after one of them posted a photo showing an uncovered cup of tea perched on the middle of the throttle quadrant. ( More...

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James Simms 13
Trying to emulate ‘Fate Is The Hunter’ (1964) all over again
Tim Dyck 1
I read that book but do not remember anything relevant to this. Perhaps I am wrong but can you tell me what it is?
Robin Rebhan 8
I wouldn't do this even in my own car parked anywhere with the parking brake on. Or worse on my wife's new furniture!
anthony geinopolos 8
Wow just how stupid could some pilots be
Gregg Bender 7
James Simms 3
DOLT !!!!
John Nichols 6
Stupid should hurt. At least a bit.
Tim Dyck 2
In this case it could hurt a lot of people.
FlightSeer 5
First thing I thought of when I saw that headline- just couldn't remember the name of the Glenn Ford movie.
Russell Hill 5
At NWA we had a written and often emphasized rule that drinks must be handed forward around the pilot’s outside shoulder. Not allowed anywhere the center console. But then I retired in 2001. Things have changed, not just in aviation, but culturally.
Russell Hill 2
Make that “not allowed anywhere near the center console…”
jmilleratp 5
If any of you remember the SNL skit "The Pepsi Syndrome" where someone spills a Coke to Go on a nuclear power plant's control panel and starts an emergency. Same energy here.
bbabis 4
Fate is the hunter!
Tim Dyck 1
Good book but how is it relevant?
jhakunti 6
On top of the fuel cutoff switches.
Hugo Portu 3
It's been a problem with the A350

See link below.
panam1971 3
Once again, life imitates art.
Doug Parker 2
It's the same as computer tech support basics: I train clients to have no fluids near keyboards.
acmi 2
great flick
sharon bias 2
A picture says a 1000 words.
Steven Pink 2
Xzz so cxsd3.
hal pushpak 3
Boeings need cupholders like Scarebus has.. :)
sparkie624 3
They got off Lightly... they should have been Fired!
John Nichols 1
Good movie, but the DC4 made to look like an MD80 was hilarious....
Ricardo Garrido 1
Kind of silly...
Roger Curtiss 1
SpiceJet should be putting out the Help Wanted sign for 2 new pilots. This action by the flight crew is outright negligence and they should not be reinstated.
Leander Williams 1
Who has ever seen the movie Fate is The Hunter with Glenn Ford, Rod Taylor, and Suzanne Pleshette? In that fictional movie, a plane was brought down immediately after takeoff. Even though it had an engine failure there had been a cup of coffee on the center console that shorted the equipment out and they ended up killing a good engine...
Tim Dyck 1
Are you sure of the title? I have read the book and don’t recall any of that in it.
Dan Boss 1
Boeing aircraft have cup holders too! the 737 has them on the outboard side of each cockpit seat. See this video of a 737, time 7:40 to 8:20: (Boeing 737 Cockpit secrets!)
mimana 1
The most serious concern is that if these pilots take the instrument area with such carelessness, how about other aircraft areas, passengers and moments of air crisis? I think it is a demonstration of how stupid they are.
linbb -5
Wow how stupid since the controls mounted in that quadrant contain electronics which could be damaged by liquids. Well trained not caring not need to be retrained and then not paired again.


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