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An old Jet, Saved from the bone yard

In today’s video, we look at a somewhat uncommon aviation story, the story of an old aircraft being resurrected from the bone yard and made airworthy to fly once again. The plane in question an ex DHL Airbus A300 which I have seen many a time on my work tours of Kingman. N362DH serial number 84, was a nearly 44 year old Airbus A300B4-100 which started its life as HS-TGP when it was delivered to Thai Airways international in September 1979. In Oct 2000 it was delivered to DHL and converted to a… ( More...

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21voyageur 7
@Alan Brown: Indeed re-purposing makes sense for cargo and other non-pax-carrying applications so long as maintenance does not negatively affect the business model. The contents in the tube don't much care what the history and age of the aircraft may be. Keep the accountants and investors happy and all is good in this market.
Alan Brown 10
In a way it makes sense if you know what you are doing and have the funds. Keep the older ones running as long as possible rather than buying a new one that may or may not last as long. With prices for "New" everything going through the roof, why not refurb something that you already know and can use.
Roy Miller 8
2 10 year 0ld ex Norwegian Dreamliners are being scrapped at Glasgow Prestwick Airport. This seems almost insane when the scrap value of the parts seem to be worth more than a relatively new aircraft itself,
Martin Dennett 2
Does one of them have Freddie Mercury on the tail?
bpforest 2
Home to Kalitta's service base. Checkup and fluid top-off prior to next leg?
victorbravo77 2
KOSC Oscoda-Wurtsmith! Hard by the shores of Lake Huron.
victorbravo77 1
Old AF base prior to BRAC, wasn't it? Like Hancock (KSYR) in Syr, NY.
James Simms 3
Yes, B-52’s. SYR was an Army Air Corps base during WW2. Maybe you’re thinking of Griffiss AFB (also B-52’s) near Rome, NY.
victorbravo77 2
Thanks. Probably. Another 11,000 foot long runway. Hancock did have A-10s years ago. "The Boys from Syracuse."
Jesse Carroll 2
WOW... Kallita keeps a inventory there! Wonder where all the engines went? Used Market or the desert ?
Wonder if he keeps his race cars there,,, Just curious...
Doug Dornbos 1
This doesn't really answer your question, but I do have a photo of all those in his entire race operation standing on the runway there, but I can't find it right now and am out of time. This video of his top fuel cars on the runway will have to do for this morning:
Bandrunner 1
Must be quite a funky smell in the cockpits of old airliners that have seen 30 years of service, then stewed in the sun for a decade.
Scott Campbell 1
bentwing60 -2
djames225 8
Why not? Seems the cargo company who bought it already has 1 so it has parts. Guess they don't have funds to buy newer craft since they also have 2 747-200 freighters
Rico van Dijk -5


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