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Pilot sues Southwest Airlines after colleague exposes himself

A Southwest Airlines pilot is suing the company, her union and a former colleague who pleaded guilty last year to dead-bolting the cockpit door during a flight and stripping naked in front of her. Christine Janning alleges that Southwest retaliated by grounding her after she reported Michael Haak to the company and the FBI, that it kept him employed despite an alleged history of sexual misconduct and that managers disparaged her in memos. She also alleges that the Southwest Airlines Pilots… ( More...

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Sounds like quite a quagmire.
Madison Romero 2
Congrats! You have won the internet for today!
krispykreme 2
I see what you did there.
Bruce Pryde 1
Come on Quagmire, we're heading to Moe's
Robert Curley 20
That pilot has been watching way too much porn. His defense that he stripped and she performed some king of act on him is utterly ridiculous.
sharon bias 13
He plead guilty, so there has to have been something there. People who are sexuality assaulted often delay reporting, so I can't fault her for that. If managers disparaged her, there should be documentation of that either in e-mails or written memo's. That will help her case. A short grounding would be appropriate, just like cops are put on paid leave after some incidents. Pilots, like cops, are in high stress jobs, and when stuff out of the ordinary happens, you want to make sure everyone is stable before resuming work.
Ben Bosley 0
Exactly, the waiting 3 months is likely time to gather documentation and evidence
Chris Muncy 21
The only thing is, I wish she would not have waited 3 months so they could grab data from the cockpit voice recorder.
sparkie624 8
Well.. At least they would not have had a camera in the cockpit.. YET, Voice would have been plenty
Chris Muncy 11
Don't know if I would have wanted to see the footage lol
sparkie624 7
Neither would I... I was thinking about for evidence... Would be indisputable.
CK N 6
Excerpt from 14 CFR § 91.609 - Flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders:

"Information obtained from the record is used to assist in determining the cause of accidents or occurrences in connection with the investigation under part 830. The Administrator does not use the cockpit voice recorder record in any civil penalty or certificate action."
James Cross 4
I'm no expert in part 121 ops, but to what extent do part 91 rules apply to 121? Additionally, this says The Administrator - the FAA. I don't see anything about the FAA blocking a private third party using the CVR in a suit if SWA were to hand over the tapes.
CK N 2
The way I interpret it is Part 91 applies to all operations and when Part 121 is more restrictive, then those rules apply on top of Part 91.

I think they should have got the guy for at least "Careless and Reckless", but the information provided is so obfuscated who knows.

The use of the tapes as internal discipline might be a question for any SWAPA guys on the forum familiar with their contract and SWAPA's history of dealing with Section 19 (Disciplinary-Grievances).

My 121 outfit (ALPA) doesn't specify use of or prohibit the CVR in our contract, so perhaps the company could have used it for internal discipline.

It's all academic now as apparently the captain quit or retired. If I was that FO I would have submitted and ASAP, Safety report, and NASA report, and phone call to my Professional Standards and MEC to inquire about civil action before I left the parking lot on the way home.
CK N 2
I was wrong our contract prohibits the use of the cvr in discipline.
Bruce Pryde 1
Sounds like verbage to protect the company from any actions or liability, with the "exception of accidents or occurrences".
CK N 3
I have to edit this as our ALPA contract specifically states:
1. The Company shall not use any information gathered from a
cockpit voice recorder in any disciplinary or discharge action.

2. The Company will not regularly or randomly review flight
data recorder data or cockpit voice recordings for the purpose
of discovering pilot irregularities. The Company shall not use
any information gathered from a flight data recorder in any
disciplinary or discharge action, unless the information be-
comes a matter of public record in an NTSB proceeding
sparkie624 2
Well Familiar with that one... Was just sayin'
Bruce Pryde 2
But isn't that only the last 30 minutes of flight before it loops? (just asking)
Ben Bosley 2
CVR would've been overwritten starting the next flight leg
AWAAlum 0
Hm, I wonder, then, what value they actually hold.
Ken Lane 3
They are intended for accident investigations, not employee discipline.
AWAAlum 0
Ah. Thanks. Lucky for some employees, lol.
Jack Poole 1
waiting 3 months could be a strategy

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Ken Lane 11
Had she abandoned her post at the flight controls she would be subject not only to disciplinary action but most certainly pilot deviation action by the FAA that could even result in criminal actions against her. The FARs are very clear on how the controls must be manned in the absence of a REQUIRED crew member.

I'm guessing you're not a pilot.
AWAAlum 8
No, we all do not know. None of us do. Including you.
Anne Bracken 6
And I thought it was only the passengers who behaved badly.🫣
Ken Lane 10
This crap would not have happened if Herb were still around. And, if it did he'd take the pilot to the woodshed or worse.
sparkie624 11
I am not so sure about that... Back in the Early days of Southwest, Senior Mechanics would Strap a Junior mechanic to an Office Chair, Roll them out on the Ramp and they would spray them around in different directions... SWA of old was not that good.... That Trick stopped after a big Lawsuit against them... I have seen too many gags in Southwest and substandard work and that is why I am no longer with them... they do not meet my standards.
Ken Lane 1
Was he aware of such? And, do you have any details on the lawsuit? I'd love to read it.
godutch 24
IF TRUE, I hope she makes millions...even if it takes YEARS! Retire comfortably babe!
mary susan watkins 8
women are often afraid to speak out about sexual harrassment or even rape,despite the fact those issues were supposedly addressed publicly long ago..i wish her the best..this is not good publiciy for southwest airlines,although just a week or so ago there was a story on a national news program about a mother and daughter,flying together for the first time,and both were commercial pilots for the same airline (i believe it was southwest as a matter of fact)..
sparkie624 18
As an Ex-Employee of SWA, I am certainly not surprised... The Company is substandard all the way around and this is no exception!
wtwisniewski 4
This way of "relating" between crew members screams of danger to safety. Should this not be investigated as a safety incident by FAA and NTSB?
Brian Freeman 6
I've experienced stick shakers before, but not like this...
AWAAlum 5
I'm thinking' maybe he didn't remember it's no longer a cockpit.
Mark Henley 2
Uh, yeah... I think I remember awhile back an item about it now being referred to as some sort of cave...
cpalexander 2
Don’t some digital cockpit voice recorders record only a limited time period (e.g., last 2 hours)? If so, there may have been no preserved aural record of the incident to use as evidence for a disciplinary or legal action.
sparkie624 1
They come in 4 formats... the old Analogs were either 30 minutes or 2 hours. The new Digital ones can go from 4 hours to over 24 hours. All of the ones flying today are digital... Keep in mind that is flight hours. Where I could not say with authority, my bet would be that the Voice Recorder is long over written
C B 1
♫ And If You Can't Be With The One You Love Honey, Love The One You're With! Dodo-do-do-do-do-Dodo ♫
Bruce Johnson 1
Proper link for the story:
<a href="">Pilot sues Southwest after colleague exposes himself</a>
EMK69 -1
Sounds like a lot more to this story than what is being presented. Although inappropriate for anyone to be unprofessional the supposed plot that is being portrayed just doesn't add up either.
godutch 16
I don't disagree, but why do you say 'it just doesn't add up?' You don't think someone isn't capable of this type of behavior? She's stuck in the cockpit with the dude with a load of people in the back. She can't just leave. Again, I can see her laughing it off just to get it over with, reporting it, and then filing suit after nothing was done. You may be right, but I CAN SEE IT HAPPENING.

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Ken Lane 1
I addressed your asinine remark in another subthread.
randy everett 0
Ron Slater 0
Fap fap faping for 30 minutes at age 64.... that part is a bit hard to believe.
Linda Allman -1
Disgusting. What is wrong with some men today? Remember, neutering aggressive male animals makes them more docile and easier to manage.
AWAAlum 1
That might be too lenient for this type of aggression. He needs to be thrown into prison where he'll learn what it's like to be on the receiving end.
Charlie Roberts -7
I sooooo doubt this story.
Try to "strip' in a 737 cockpit......
Rob Honeycutt 11
He plead guilty...
sparkie624 15
Probably easier than you think, or have you tried it... Jump seat Retracted, get out of the seat, and do your thing.... One thing I have learned is that if you think something is too stupid or impossible to do, some idiot will prove you wrong.
Charlie Roberts 0
Yep, ya got with the "nothing is too stupid" comment...LOL
David Beattie 10
People have sex in the lavatories and you don’t think a guy could strip in the cockpit!? I can’t believe all the blame going to the female. Why didn’t she do this or that? I’m surprised no one has blamed HER for dressing so provocatively in that sexy SWA uniform!
Charlie Roberts -6
Cool your jets.....No one is blaming the female pilot in my post. I am only speaking of the size of a 737 cockpit.
Guy Rovella 1
More room than the back seat of my old Dodge Dart...
matt jensen 0
Plenty of room if you are skinny and short
W S Webb 0
What happened to layover hotels?
sparkie624 0
Probably not much... Looks like this Captain wanted to join the 3 or 4 mile club!
splautz -5
At first glance, I totally agreed with her and what she was doing. But then I decided to read the details of this story. She waited 3 MONTHS!!! to report it. After I seen that, I sided with the airline and the union. If she was fine with it for 3 months, she obviously got disgruntled with the airline about something else and decided to use this as blackmail to get her revenge and a big paycheck. Yeah right. I can see right through this.
AWAAlum 5
Nowhere is it indicated she was "fine with it". You have no idea whatsoever what anguish she may have been struggling through before she finally worked up the courage to come forward with what happened. It's common knowledge women are typically put through the grindstone when coming forward with sexual allegations. What you are saying is cruel and presumptuous.
splautz -3
If she was in such anguish and trumpa, she could have unlocked the door and complained DURING THE FLIGHT!!! She was obviously either enjoying it or egging him on to get her payday later on. Either way, it proves my point, and the airlines and union know it. I agree, what was done wasn't right, but since all parties were fine with it all the time and were apparently active participants, and no one was ever in danger on the flight, nothing became of it.. at least not until she got pissed off for something else with her employer or got brave enough to go through with her "scheme". She should be punished too for NOT immediately reporting it. That's how I see it.
Ken Lane 3
Clearly, you're not a pilot. A required crew member cannot leave their station when the other required crewmember is not present at their own station. By doing so, she would place her own ticket in jeopardy with the FAA.
AWAAlum 5
Your thinking is flawed and wrong on every level. You've absolutely no idea what was going on and to say she was enjoying it or egging him on is contentious and a hideous thing to say. You are spouting misogynistic theories.
gilgraham 1
I must say I have to agree with splautz here. IF she ever wants to be pilot in command of an aircraft, she has to correct the captain when he's in the WRONG, just like any other situation, off heading, altitude, speed etc. Also, what's with the 3 month wait? Waiting for the best possible evidence to no longer be available perhaps??

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k1121j 6
oops never mind she was the co-pilot eeek
sparkie624 8
She did not really have much choice... Other than the AutoPilot, she was the apparently the only pilot onboad!
Levi Shepherd 3
Plus the door was dead bolted
sparkie624 5
Lets Hope so.... I would hated for (even Southwest) passengers to have witnessed that! UGH... Speaking of inflight entertainment... Live and on stage.. UGH.. I hope the door was locked!
CK N 1
Transport category aircraft flight deck doors are (post 9/11) designed to lock people out, not "dead bolt" the pilots in. Let's use some common sense.

She wasn't locked in. She could have easily called for a flight attendant, and at least in an Airbus unlocked the door from her seat, while staying at her duty station, to have a witness for the violation and crime.

There is also a system to unlock the flight deck door from the cabin that all flight attendants and pilots are taught to use although, at least on the Airbus that system may be overridden, to keep the door locked from the flight deck.

Need a Boeing person to confirm the door lock actuating system can be unlocked from the pilot seats.
Guy Rovella 5
Locking mechanisms aside maybe she was worried about her career ending if she did any of those things. SW doesn't exactly have an exemplary track record in stuff like this.
David Folkard 5
Spoken with the fervor of an incel.
CapeCodder -8
It appears he should have gotten ahold of himself and when he didn't she took matters into her own hands.

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kherzer 3
He's a 60-year old man named Michael Haak. Can't find any pictures that I'm certain are him, but that's a dutch surname, and your racism is showing.

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Mickael Spiak 8
Keep that same energy when someone does it to your daughter, your niece, or anyone you care about.
AWAAlum 6
She absolutely is being a big girl about it.
Don Fairchild -6
Has anyone shown proof that this might be a male bashing incident?? Would like to hear the cockpit recordings for the proof one way or the other.
Steve Cutchen 9
proof? He pleaded guilty.


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