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Air Canada Planes At Pearson Airport Nearly Crashed Into Each Other During Takeoff

Air transportation safety investigation report A20O0029 ( More...

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Highflyer1950 8
Automation is great but just looking at the tower cab displays and not understanding that an EMB-190 pretty much can’t be at 500’ and flying at 50 knots maybe deserves another look…….maybe outside since it was VFR? Have all the respect in the world for YYZ controllers but when you rapid fire aircraft off the runway like this, it’s best you visually follow them closely. Also, the 777 crew initiated the take-off without any visual confirmation the preceding aircraft was airborne, something a normal EMB-190 would at be around 4000’ down the runway?
ThePumpkin 1
Excellent points all round👍
bernard gonsalves 3
Big red flag on the Honeywell Monitoring Warning function - MWF. DO-181 MOPS (Build Standards- not recommendations as stated) should use inputs from the ADC's AND the 2 Weight on Wheels sensors... which was obviously not the case. Another booby-trap is setting the MWF speed threshold to 50kts (ERJ) and 100kts (B777) as the basis for the MWF to transmit an
in-air' status. Long story short, if this design flaw were to happen with a Motor car, the vehicle would be recalled. Will Honeywell reconfigure its MWF and in turn the OEMs take on the re-certification requirements? Meanwhile, the Controller will bear the brunt of what and why things ended up this way!
Tim Dyck 4
This is a pretty complex situation that happened March 7 2020 but \i thought some might like to read through it to see how the investigation process worked.
bentwing60 4
Good read Tim, wasn't aware of it and my read, Tech. fail, task saturated controller and 2 flight crews appropriate situational responses that prevented another major disaster. Love it when ever body walks away and can "Splain it to me Lucie"!
Tim Dyck 4
I found it after reading an article that said the report was finalized but didn’t go into any depth. I wanted to know how this could have happened so I found the report and read it.
Then I thought others on this site might be interested. I remember when I joined Flight Aware it was less politics and more aviation news, be nice to see it return to that.
mbrews 2
Good post Tim. and highfyers remarks also insightful. I did read the entire report, yes there’s plenty of lessons to be learned.

Without trying to be political, (but to be an observer), I see that the legendary MH 370 has joined the thread below.
ThePumpkin 1
Fantastic comeback come Tim. Let’s stick with “tge aviation” and avoid the politics. Thanks for the posting. Very interesting to read this report.
Lee Withers 2
It appears that there was quite a bit of traffic which makes me wonder if there should have been more than 4 people covering the 9 tower positions.
Highflyer1950 2
From my experience and unless things have changed dramatically, the airport movements tend to slow down mid morning and even so YYZ ATC has a pretty darn good handle on manning the positions. 06L is not that far away from the tower viewpoint of observing traffic nor is the lift off point for most departing aircraft, at least those flying domestically. I prefer to think in the absence of any other findings that it was a case of being less vigilant and more human.
Brendan Dick 2
Interesting read, thanks for posting
Michel Montreuil 1
Over hyped title...
patrick baker 1
seems like a procedure that could and did lead to an accident/incident, and it needs to be better thought out. It is not requesite that the readback (a passsive actyion) be conducted on the freq that an active takeoff/landing/cross runway is used for. Smart people with smart systems think all possibilities out in advance to prevent this.
patrick baker 3
seperate the tasks done over one freq to prevent the very low probability occurrence that we are looking at. Plenty of freqs out there , and we can insist that this not happen again. Lucky no lives were lost here. Automated clearance delivery anyone? Clearances to enter the north atlantic tracks are automated. Just entails more boxes in the electronics bay. And some expense....
Pamela Capes 0
Two aircraft, on the same frequency?? Not a good idea.. ever…
MH370 -1
Embraer ERJ 190 and Boeing 777-333ER


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