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Delta’s inferior ‘new’ A350s are coming sooner than expected — and to a 3rd route

Delta Air Lines is gearing up to take delivery of some additional Airbus A350s — and they’ll be flying sooner than initially expected. Right now, the airline has 19 of these jets in its fleet, but that number will shortly grow to 28, as Delta adds nine used A350s to its fleet. At the outset, Delta had originally planned to deploy the first batch of these additional jets on two long-haul routes beginning with Atlanta (ATL) to Santiago, Chile (SCL), on July 1, followed by ATL to Dublin, Ireland… ( More...

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mbrews 32
Oh, the horror. Actually putting some nearly-new A350s into revenue service without renewing seats.

The viewpoint from The Points Guy (original author) is beyond spoiled ; anything less than Emirates luxury suite is sub-standard to him.
SkyAware123 5
the points guy is a woke dumbass. Just listen to him on the tech guy's broadcast on the weekend.
Andy Cruickshank 11
Agree. The article is at the least elitist
btweston -4
Do you know what inferior means? It means not as good as. So what’s your problem?
Etienne Daniels 8
Yes I know what it means (non native English speaker) but the title is misleading as it does not talk about the interior. So we, non native English speakers, and probably even more native English speakers, may conclude that the A 350 airplanes are inferior to other airplanes. If I would be an Airbus (Delta) executive I would have a nice chat with the writer and his boss. And to be honest I was more relaxed in a THai Airlines A350 than in a Emirates A380 (upper deck) but enjoyed the triple 7 of the Emirates as well
strickerje 5
Agreed, and I am a native English speaker and had no idea what "inferior" was supposed to mean here.
Dan Chiasson 2
I, as well, am an anglophone and the headline was clearly misleading. Yet another example of click-bait by this site.
strickerje 5
Technically correct, but "inferior" has connotations that don't apply here. (I thought it was referring to some optional equipment that Delta specs for their A350s but LATAM didn't.)

Something like "without interior retrofit" may be a bit more wordy but would have been much clearer.
Andy Cruickshank 1
You appear to be my problem. As they say here "Bless your heart"
Mark Kortum 1
"So what's your problem? Not an effective way to "win friends and influence people."
Mike Boote 10
In this article, the word 'inferior' is used to evoke the 'EWWWWW" reaction! It's silly. Delta is glad to have these planes to accommodate the large increase in international demand. Delta was shrewd in the way they acquired these 9 A-350's. The elite seats will get in them soon enough.
mbrews 14
Andy C as usual is on target. The Points Guy writes for an elitist audience & gets paid by the credit card outfits. Fine, that's his business. But it places him FAR OUT-OF-TOUCH with most ordinary people on this planet.

I've often travelled by air to South America destinations. Consider the low-to-moderate per-capita incomes of most Latin American nations. LATAM outfitted their A 350s for affordability, not to maximize premium seats.

- Fittingly, Delta will use these existing cabins for routes to Santiago Chile (one of my favorite places)

Almost seems that in TPG's world, the economy passengers are merely faceless drones who subsidize his champagne.
Mark Kortum 2
On medium-long haul I actually prefer the reclining business class seats as shown on these LATM planes. Many of the business class "enclosed cubes" are very confining and uncomfortable to use as beds because they lack width. I nap just as well, if not better in these seats.
SkyAware123 2
points guy is a woke elitist.
Dan Chiasson 1
OH GOD FORBID ! ! ! Privileged American arses in less than top notch seats! ! ! STOP THE PRESSES ! ! ! THE HORROR ! ! ! Simple solution, don't fly Delta and spend your privileged dollars on another carrier. Spoiled brats.
Andy Cruickshank 5
I think Delta has owned these A359 s from LANTAM for a while and had them stored. They have recently placed N516DZ and 517DZ into service and the others remain stored. The original fleet flew and and all of the original routes including the occasional ATL-LAX which then went on for several LAX-SYD rotations. I think they may elect to not fly the "inferior" configurations on ultra ling haul routes like JNB and SYD but will not also limit them to the routes stated. Any tail number below the N515DN are the original purchase I believe.
strickerje 2
I'm not sure if this is up to date, but has N575DZ (serial #282) as the only ex-LATAM A350 now registered to Delta, and the comment says it's been parked since it was transfered (Feb. 11 of this year).
Kikutwo 2
Oh my, no aisle access for poor business class flyers! What can be done? Such a travesty.
Mark Kortum 3
I stopped paying attention to "the points guy" when it became apparent who was paying him.
dee9bee 2
My Travel Agent and I were pouring over a Delta flight itinerary to Ireland for a few months from now and we came across that seating arrangement. Strange for an A350, we thought. Now, I know.
SkyAware123 1
What a dumbass article. The a350 is NOT inferior, it's delta's decision not to equip it with whatever the writer deems 'superior'. The A350 is a better plane than the 787
Mark Albrecht 1
Culture wars are creeping in here..."elitist," "inferior," "non native English speaker," (read immigrant), "YOU appear to be my problem," "(I fly) upper deck," "FAR OUT-OF-TOUCH," "economy passengers are merely faceless drones," and finally, "EWWWWW." Y'all better pop a valium...
mbrews 1
Welcome to the real world of flightaware. Its a run-of-the mill, ON-TOPIC thread about the World-View according to The Points Guy. Ya know, the guy who posts videos being treated like royalty on the worlds most ultra-luxurious aircraft cabins.

Might be better to post your own material, rather than criticize others for expressing strong views.

Etienne Daniels 1
Most people living in Europe are non native English speakers, so are those who live in South America, Asia, the middle east, china etc, nothing to do with being an immigrant. FYI the A 380 has economy class at the upper deck.
avionik99 1
Wow! And they want $2000 more for that business seat than the "Comfort seat". Thats nuts!
George Wilhelmsen 1
Airbus A350 Rattletrap.

If you don't believe me, listen to any Airbus product when it lands. It sounds like it is falling apart.

Then fly in a Boeing plane and listen as it lands.

There is a difference. And yes, I've done this.

Still, if you don't mind the noise, the plane is certified and legal to fly.
Mike Boote 3
Off-topic, at the least.
SkyAware123 1
ok boeing fan boy. Explain to me why the last couple planes that fell out of the sky were Boeings.
This has nothign to do w the pane, it's about delta's decision not to upgrade the interior.


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