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Bombardier delivers the final production Learjet

The light jet’s departure followed a 30-minute-long ceremony marking the delivery and the end of 60 years of Learjet production. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 18
A very sad day for Aviation. The Learjet was truly an iconic aircraft and iconic brand. For a very long time the word "Learjet" was synonymous with private jet travel. One of the most sexiest looking aircraft of all time with it's glamorous wrap-around windscreen to compliment its glamorous jet-set passengers. Hat's off to Bombardier for keeping the brand alive for many decades.
bbabis 12
The 20 series lears. The most fun you could have in a jet outside of the military. Leveling off at FL450 still climbing at 2000+ fpm and bringing the power back to maintain redline. Considering their fuel consumption down low, climbing fast was a good thing.
Doug Haviland 12
Sad to see 1600 folks out of work.
wescraft 8
Bombardier likes to put people out of work. look what they did Evinrude 2 years ago...
strickerje 2
Indeed; hopefully they can be redeployed elsewhere within Bombardier or find work at Cessna. I can't imagine there wouldn't still be demand for their skills.
Who's going to use all that airspace above 40,000 now?
Tom Bruce 3
while working at Norm Larson's BeechcraftWest, Van Nuys airport 1969-70 used to watch Clay Lacy rock and roll with his early edition LearJet..
Dave Mathes 3
...yea, I remember the 1st time I saw one roll into jet porn!...
So sad to see this. The Lear just LOOKED fast and sexy sitting on the runway as well as in the air. I know pilots who have flown a Lear and they loved it.
As a mechanic, the 20 series was great to cut my teeth on as a 1st Jet job. Emery had 5 in 1978. Did Hot sections in the hangar with a GE rep onsite, never had another AC with the drag chute, and used the Oklahoma blue print methods to T-Shoot any problems. Life was simpler then, and so were the AC. It was a special time, still a glamorous time, it’s the end of an Era in my opinion.
skip sciarra 2
sorry to see them go....just a fun airplane to fly...
Noting the aircraft was delivered to Northern Jet Management, Grand Rapids Michigan, can't help but wonder if the Management company may have evolved from a long established FBO at GRR "Northern Air".
In the late 1970s (perhaps 1977 -1978), U.S Veterans were utizing their Veteran's Administration (VA) benefits before they were set to expire. The accomodate this influx of pilots pursuing a type rating, Northern Air was operating two (2) Learjets (N426NA, a LR23/24 & ??) approximately 12 - 14 hours each day, with multiple sorties/students. The flight instruction would begin at about 6:00 AM, and end at about 6:00 PM - 8:00 P.M. A common scenario included an IFR departure enroute to HIC (White Cloud VOR) for air work, then a return to GRR for multiple approaches.
bbabis 2
They were still cranking them out in the early 80s
Sorta sad...
bentwing60 9
Not just sorta to some old school folks here whose first type was in a Lear 25 with many entertaining hours at 450'. My second type was for the CL60 Challenger, another William P. Lear brainstorm with a most appropriate name, especially ground school. Cheers
KoolerKT -2
What does Cheers mean?
bentwing60 1
Some time back I coined my own acronym to replace the oft heard TPTB, (the powers that be), with TSTB, (too stupid to breathe), and many certainly fit that sadly homogenous group that now conforms slavishly to the edicts of TPTB! Were you wearing a clean N95 when you penned that soliloquy Cheers!
sweeper239 2
I am an ATP flying LR35 and LR45 They are the greatest plans to have ever been built! Yes LearJet was synonymous with private jet travel. You see a smile on the face of every passenger I fly. A very sad day for aviation.
David Cook 1
we have one of the 7 made and only 3 left lear 28's. used to by Armstrong to win the time to climb record to 52k .. what a kick in the pants it was to fly.. made the 25 seem like was only using one engine ... what a legacy it leaves.
bbabis 1
Sweet. I got one flight in a 29 which was awesome with the longhorn wing but flew the 31A for 6 years and loved it. Almost as good of performance but much more fuel efficient in the ATC system.
patrick baker 1
Marcor company used to have N711MR, the small version of lear jet, and what a rocketship it was. It didn't have to be and was not roomy, but for short flights of two hours or less, what a magic carpet.
Back in 1980, when I was getting my Commercial License and Instrument Rating, a Learjet parked out front of the FBO. I went outside and walked around the Lear, staying about 20 feet or so from it, just admiring its smooth lines and sleek design... Gorgeous.
David Luddy 0
Lear 24….terrific aircraft. The interesting point depends when it was built. You could always anticipate
different cockpits instrument layouts. Finally standardized in later models.
bbabis 1
And different wings were available. They didn't change its performance much but changed approach and handling significantly.
avionik99 -8
Note to self.....Don't buy a learjet


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