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Airport workers at SFO to strike day before Thanksgiving

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Hundreds of airport workers will strike Wednesday at San Francisco International Airport to highlight demands for affordable health care benefits, according to union officials. ( עוד...

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avionik99 4
Typical for a union story no details!
Mike Mohle 4
Well they took the jobs initially, so the bennies were OK once, and not now? Let's let the unions run everything, it will be fine /S.
Jim Quinn 1
Looks like the union wants to pattern their activities after the French. Great way to irritate the traveling public, for sure. And no, I'm not commenting about the health insurance, but the timing of their activities.
Alan Zelt 2
Maybe they took the jobs in spite of low bennies. And now have had enough.

As for why strike now. Should be obvious. If they struck next Wednesday, how many would notice?
pjshield 0
If they've "had enough" they should quit/resign and find a job where their superior skills will enable them to be paid (with bennies) what they believe they're worth...or maybe, that's already where they are and don't realize it yet! Bennies = Compensation

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