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American Airlines cuts 27 routes, slashes New York network

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New York is the big loser in American Airlines’ latest network adjustment. The Fort Worth-based carrier filed 27 route cuts over the weekend, 18 of which touch either New York’s JFK or LaGuardia airports. The nine remaining cuts include a big reduction in Canada service, along with some tweaks to the airline’s regional network from Boston, Charlotte, Chicago and Philadelphia. The adjustments were first seen in Cirium schedules and later confirmed to TPG by an American Airlines spokesperson.… ( עוד...

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D. W. 16
New York is not "the big loser." It;s a beneficiary. The "big losers" are those who still are dragooned into flying AA by dint of lack of alternative (or for any other reason).

I've logged well over 500,000 miles with the carrier, including four recent segments to different parts of the country, It is the emblem for the phrase, "Just when you think things couldn't get any worse . . ." Cancelled flights. Defective equipment requiring substitution of aircraft. Gate delays and holds, both outbound and inbound. Surly cabin crew (even if one were to exclude the cop wannabes). Cheap, money-gouging seating configurations. Zero on-board service amenities, even for those in the forward part of the aircraft.

Its very own brand of "American exceptionalism."
Scott Campbell 12
consistently horrible brought to you by the great Doug Parker

Dan Chiasson 1
Pre-pandemic when air-travel became "bus-travel @ 33,000" feet and passengers were easy to find, AA was able to get away with shoddy service. Clearly, that business model could not stand the test of the new reality and as such, we may be seeing the downward spiral into history a la TWA, Eastern, etc. Greed / focus only on stock price and exec comp does eventually catch up with providers in the service industry. Anyway my 2 cents.
David Beattie -3
Yes, never the employees fault. All employees are perfect human specimens. Only management is evil.
D. W. 7
Hardly. For every accommodating, professional, or pleasant FA, there's an imperious, "I'm sorry, I'm not your flight attendant," or an airborne parent surrogate;a gate agent who really thinks that s/he has the "power" to herd (paying) passengers like sheep, arbitrarily; a ticket agent who's dismissive, or wasting your time laughing it up with others on that (other) side of the counter while you wait.

"Management" is greedy and insensitive at a distance (if any of the senior executives or board members actually fly on the carrier, as opposed to privately, you can bet they're up front (and fawned over), no matter who, or how many people had to be "bumped"). After all, it's really, really necessarily to do one's part to raise shareholder income, to protect one's yearly bonus. no? It's another form of institutional arrogance, hardly limited to airlines.

'Nough said. Enjoy your flight, and thank you for choosing American Airlines.
Jesse Carroll 3
Had my lat flight on AA one month ago!
Nuff said is right!
Ellen Little 1
Does anyone know if these 27 route cuts are just for the Winter schedule or is this a permanent adjustment?
Peter Fuller 1
Nothing is permanent in the world of airline route planning. According to the article, some of the 27 route cuts take effect in January 2022, others in March, April, May, and June: so these cuts don’t seem to be just winter schedule adjustments.
Ellen Little 1
Hello Peter - Thank you for replying to my query. I certainly hope these cancellations do not go out to July as I will be going to Rochester, NY.

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