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Wizz Air Doesn’t Care About The A321XLR Passenger Experience

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The age-old battle of travel (for those who can't afford it all): the journey vs. the destination (price). Wizz Air selects to maintain priority for price even for journeys on the heir apparent of (ultra)-long-haul narrowbody commercial airliners, the A321XLR. ( עוד...

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Pecos Llama 1
Is an economy seat still an economy seat regardless of the number of aisles on a commercial airliner?
Jake MItchell 2
I'd beg to differ. I'd say a 787/350/etc. is a much more enjoyable economy experience with a larger cabin. For this reason I've never understood the 321 hype as us passengers are the ones that pay. This article is evidence that airlines only care about profit and not how comfortable our ride is.

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