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Amazon Air Set to Add ATR Turboprops to Freighter Fleet

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Plotting its logistics growth plan, Amazon Air is set to add a third aircraft type to it’s fast growing freighter fleet ( עוד...

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Louie R 7
Subscribe for $249 a year or $75 quarterly so you can read one article.
Geoff Arkley 4
Smacks of "Clickbait" to me. Disappointing to find such a thing here.
Mark Bullock 5
Dan Chiasson 6
Common FlightAware , , , has this click-bait become a key part of your business model? If so, own up and let us know and we can choose to opt-in or opt-out. 2 (at least) already today.
Frosty1025 8
I agree with you. Please do not post articles that require subscriptions to read. We are here for the way you ran the flight aware weekly newsletter for the past decade at least, if you are going to start adding articles that are basically ads in disguise because you ran out of real aviation news, then cut the weekly run to a bi-weekly or monthly. It is a waste of at least my time to click and delete because one has to pay to read the rest of the story. For that it is easier to just unsubscribe from the flightaware newsletter. Just my thoughts.
Dan Chiasson 2
That said, we cannot blame them for having revenue in ever-increasing focus. They should, however, be honest and transparent with those that subscribe and if their business model now requires "click-bait" based revenue just let us know and we can choose to unsubscribe or pay.
Craig Good 0
FlightAware *users* submit these links, right?
James Simms 4

william baker 1
Anyone get the impression that Amazon Air is growing a little to fast?
Robert Cowling -3
Somebody should use them...

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