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Boeing 737 Max aircraft from United and American and found one airline to be a lot more transparent than the other

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Boeing has reported thousands of passenger flights have already been flown with the aircraft and more airlines are resuming service every month. Both airlines had a similar onboard offering but the difference largely came down to how both informed passengers that they'd be flying on the infamous aircraft. ( עוד...

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ThinkingGuy 4
It's not designed to make sense. It's designed to make people curious as to which airline is the more "transparent," and hopefully click the article (and thereby load the associated advertisements).
Robert Cowling 2
CLICK BAIT!!! The worms make huge money for each click. CHA-CHING!

Ed Kostiuk 3
Not impressed with the article.
ThinkingGuy 4
The "one airline" was United.

houseofgold 2
This article causes the hype of flying the no event MAX

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