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Saudia Eyes 70-Jet Acquisition Including Boeing 777s, 787s and Airbus A321s

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Saudia is in talks with local banks to raise 11.5 billion riyals ($3.07 billion) to partly finance an order for Airbus A321 narrow-bodied jets and Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner wide-bodies, Maaal said. ( עוד...

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LethalThreat 5
Glad to see the industry rebounding! All good aircraft choices!
pilotjag 2
Another great article...
Alan Sanderson 2
With the tens of thousands of aircraft in long term storage, you'd think there would be plenty of opportunity to refresh their fleet with " stock in hand" at shall I say it: Fire sale prices ?
Larry Toler -6
The guy making that decision was probably thinking I'll hook up with Boeing except for the MAX. I'll go with Airbus on the shorter range flights.
Julius Thompson 5
The "Decision Makers" were probably going for fleet commonality!

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