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‘It’s a new normal’ — Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian on changing role of a CEO during trying times

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The role of the CEO has dramatically shifted as companies learn to walk a fine line between stakeholder capitalism versus meeting the needs of their company’s balance sheet. Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian told CNBC’s David Faber that he never expected he would be addressing the pace of change we are seeing in the world. “I think it’s a new normal,” Bastian said. “Once you are committed to bringing everyone forward in an equitable manner, I don’t think there’s another path.” ( עוד...

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Spencer Hoefer 3
I hate that phrase "New Normal". There is nothing normal about any of this. Acting like this is going to last forever.
bdarnell 2
It's very abnormal. And temporary. I cringe whenever some says "Well, that's the new normal." No, it's not. Stop it.
Rico van Dijk 3
Only folks with a yard and their own pool call this “normal”. Ask any furloughed FO forced out of their homes back into mon and dad’s spare bedroom sleeping on the sofabed. In lockdown. Call this normal? That’s the most selfish thing to say. Dear CEO’s...
patrick baker 0
the new normal is nothing more than what the current CEO sees and reacts to and plans for and monitors as we all on planet earth experience a topsy tervy set of circumstances, the end of which is uncertain, and the survival of many business is also uncertain. He gets paid to be perceptive and to preserve Delta Airlines with as much vigor as he can muster.

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