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FAA and Boeing manipulated 737 Max tests during recertification

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Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) worked together to manipulate 737 Max recertification tests following two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019, according to a damning new Senate report. Boeing “inappropriately coached” some FAA test pilots to reach a desired outcome during the recertification tests, and some were even performed on simulators that weren’t equipped to re-create the same conditions as the crashes. ( עוד...

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Highflyer1950 3
I hope they include in the non-normal memory checklist, the trim cut-out switches for flight control issues, knowing the immediate location of the stick shaker circuit breakers in case of an AOA malfunction and a loud speaker that yells at the crew to reduce the power when the speed hits 400 knots under 1500’AGL?
airuphere 2
LOL you mean the same items that have been in the manual since 737-200adv. It’s still the fix. Don’t know why people can’t accept that pilot error / ignorance / reliance on automation played a big role in those crashes.

linbb 1
Wow seems that highflyer knows it all as like you said and was very true the stupid pilots killed that last AC for sure. Full throttle right into the ground never touched the throttles, way over manual trim speed and had there heads in there asses did not have one flying the other trouble shooting. It was said the right seat only had 500 total hours and left seat not all that many either. Both had no idea what to do when the puter started spitting out things so they just kept flipping the same switches over and over. Locked up brains.
linbb 1
Oh well MH did it after you did so he lost.

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