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Uh-Oh Boeing: Southwest Considering an Airbus Plane

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV), famously an all-Boeing (NYSE: BA) fleet for most of its existence, confirmed it is evaluating an Airbus (OTC: EADSY) jet as part of its future growth plans. ( More...

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ADXbear 7
This is not a new idea.. this evaluation started 3 years ago.. I dont blame them. But the logistics costs big bucks..
They were slated to order the 737 MAX before this all went down. I think it's a good idea to experiment with other aircraft.
the A319 and 20 stil blow away the ( FIFTY FOUR year old designed fuselage of the 37), not one ERJ CRJ or ARJ, (I guess now) has a tapered fuselage as far back as a 37. Pilots hate the 900 - tin can that can't climb to a preferred altitude until it burns off some fuel... WHAT ? Now Boeing thinks passengers want to wait for the over modified 37 - 10, to board for 45 minutes and perform worse then the 900 ?

BOEING You have completely lost direction in single aisle aircraft, and I'm sure you've been ignoring competent engineers and designers begging to go another route for decades.
The only good model in the NG family is the -700 or the BBJ. The rest are all underpowered dogs.
mbrews 2
- Is someone surprised that SWA managers are actually managing ? They would be remiss if they didn't investigate ownership costs of other models. Plus, SWA creates a "horse race" . Provides leverage in negotiations with Boeing
Peter Fuller 3
@mbrews - Yes, I was thinking the same. By flying this A220 trial ballon, Southwest is telling it’s favored and only aircraft supplier, Boeing, that they’ll still have to earn Southwest’s business, and telling Airbus that there’s opportunity to earn a new customer. Setting up a competition will make Boeing especially, and also Airbus, sharpen their pencils when it comes to pricing. Also, I believe Southwest is the launch customer for the 737-7 MAX, with 30 on order, so Boeing may have to sweeten that deal to avoid its possible cancellation or conversion to -8s.
sparkie624 2
Yes... they have never done that before!
Bob Shutts 1
Boeing is going to regret giving up the acquisition of Embraer I think.
patrick baker 1
southwest's current markets and potential markets are uniquely postitioned to benefit from employing the A220. My thoughts are that southwest could use at least 250 of the fuel-efficient, passenger centered aircraft that are more comfortable than any other airliner, have more positive reviews from satisfied passengers, and also, the pilots love the plane. Air Baltic is thrilled with theirs, from the flight deck to the back row of each and every copy of Airbus A200. Delta is quietly accumulating a fleet of these moneymakers to the applause of every one who sits in one and everyone who pilots them.Airline accountants rave in applauding them too
mbrews 3
Setting the record straight; the Air Baltic experience with P&W GTF engines on this type has been marred by numerous In-flight shutdowns, along with an uncontained engine failure near Bordeaux Feb 12, 2020. Baltic as well as Swiss had to perform frequent engine swaps, to contend with various recalls issued by P&W and Europe regulatory directives. Refer to FAA airworthiness directive 2019-19-11 , (among others). All these GTF issues are well known to those who follow engine reliability data
sparkie624 -3
It was inevitable... Only smart thing they ever did was to go with Boeing... Did not expect them to continue with such a unique smart idea.
Geoff Rowe -1
That isn’t a “real” Airbus though, is it.
sparkie624 2
Technically it is... but it was designed by Bombardier... Airbus could not compete, so they bought a competitor!
Matt West 10
If Boeing hadn't thrown a tantrum about Delta purchasing the aircraft it would probably still be a Bombardier. Unfortunately, the economics of the proposed "tax" meant they had no choice but to sell to Airbus who could assemble it in the USA.

Boeing tried to do the same thing with Embraer as I am sure everyone remembers. That deal ultimately fell apart so Boeing now finds itself without a competitor for the A220 (or A321 for that matter). They've become too reactive, not proactive (737 MAX anyone).

Ultimately, if SWA does got with AB, it will be Boeing's own doing.
Geoff Rowe -6
Yep, for a moment I couldn’t remember who Airbus (Scarebus? j/k) bought!


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