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American Airlines plans pilot training on Boeing 737 Max in November

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American Airlines is planning to start training its pilots on the still-grounded Boeing 737 Max this November, according to a company memo sent Monday 21 September. “With the planned return to service for our B737 MAX aircraft in the near future, we will begin conducting B737 MAX Special Training for our B737 pilots,” Ameya Kingaonkar, director of flight training planning and scheduling, said in a pilot memo, which was seen by CNBC. Kingaonkar said that the company expects to train all of its… ( עוד...

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mary susan watkins 1
the article says only that aa will begin training pilots on the 737max with does not say the aircraft will be in use anytime soon..aa is doing massive layoffs of pilots,flight attendants,ground personnel and other oct 1,so just who are they going to train?

ADXbear -1
So the pilots union has endorsed flying this machine.. the FLYING PUBLIC wants to know....

Most people will not be comfortable flying in this jet..

No enough answers to.the issues and the FAAs lousy inspection process.

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