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Airbus thinks goose tip could trim fuel consumption

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If planes flew in formation like wild geese they might use five to 10 percent less fuel, European aircraft maker Airbus said Wednesday as it signed up to test the idea. ( עוד...

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Tim Lamborn 3
This story quacks me up!
Ric Ben 2
There is nothing in the report about Wingtip Vortices that create turbulence.
Bill Bailey 1
Anyone remember the XB-70 crash ???????
Greg S 1
If geese flew at >100 knots they wouldn't/couldn't fly in formation because of wake turbulence.
jbermo 1
Airline travel of the future -super tight separation with full automation.
That is interesting: "Jet engines meanwhile produce a vortex that contains a flow of rising air". I was taught that the vortex (wake turbulence) was a byproduct of the wing producing lift. I knew the FAA had it wrong all along ;-) Nice job of fact-checking techxplore!
Highflyer1950 0
I’m guessing with Boeing leading the way? I can just see it now, SLOP 1 mile right, execute........your other right?
Neil Munro 0
And when they collide with one another???
James Simms 0
Howard The Duck or Daffy Duck

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