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Alaska midair accident

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Midair collision near Soldotna involved 2 aircraft ( עוד...

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Richard Orgill 3
Climbing out of North Island, (Sand Diego area)back in '73 flying a C-117D for the Corps. We were fixed at an issue in the cockpit...our Flight Engineer looked up and screamed....right on the tail of a C-172...luckly we dove under him but to this day I close my eyes and see how quickly things can turn south in the cockpit.

RIP to these folks. Prayers for their friends and loved ones.
matt jensen 1
Dubslow 1
Is it me or does Alaska have a wildly abnormal rate of midair collisions?
Roy Thomas 5
Alaska has the highest per capita rate of licensed pilots. When this accident occurred my first thought was how quiet the year has been for all incidents. Last year was a bad one. GA aircraft criss-cross our skies in every direction. Unlike commercial traffic, there are set airways. Most private flyers have not invested in collision avoidance equip. So yes we have more aviation incidents including mid-air collisions. Other influences on our numbers include the fact that our state is so massive and remote that air travel is a necessity to many places, weather, and a tendency to fly in suspect weather to get home or get out.

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