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Boeing wrote a step-by-step guide for starting a new airline. Here's what it wants potential founders — and customers — to know.

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Boeing runs a program that helps innovators launch new startup airlines — and become potential customers The program, StartupBoeing, offers a detailed framework for anyone looking to get into the airline business. The company says it will work closely with serious parties to help get their airline running. While the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated airline industry, most experts anticipate a full recovery once treatments or vaccines are available. The airline business is notoriously fickle. Back… ( עוד...

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Edward Bardes 4
If you have over a billion dollars to your name and nothing to spend it on, starting an airline could mitigate that problem.
matt jensen 1
Esp if you can get bailout money
Wolfgang Prigge 2
Wasn’t there this saying of how to become a millionaire? You start with a couple of billions and you buy an airline.
John Miller 1
Step 1. Don't buy the 737 MAX.

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