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NASA Chief: Uncrewed Aircraft 'Safer

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NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine shared the agency’s vision for urban air mobility (UAM) at last week’s EAA Spirit of Aviation virtual event. “You can actually make the argument that in the future it's going to be safer to fly an uncrewed aircraft than crewed aircraft,” he said while outlining NASA’s related programs. ( עוד...

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Torsten Hoff 1
Bridenstine‘s comment makes sense when seen in context — he is talking about Urban Air Mobility, basically flying taxis. If you have a large number of them flying in all sorts of random directions, it is going to be too overwhelming for a human to handle. In addition, having enough qualified human pilots for each one would be a challenge, and even if they were available, it wouldn’t be economical.
Robert Mack 1
(For some reason I’m unable to get the “Jetsons” cartoon song out of my head)
dmanuel 1
So, with no crew and (potentially) no ATC, what is the expectation of revenue generating passenger loads?

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