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The Main Differences Between Soviet & Western Aircraft

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Found this Article today of interest - Enjoy! ----------- At the height of the cold war, Boeing, Airbus, and other manufacturers were not only competing with each other but also with the might of the Soviet aviation industry. But how did the two industries compare, and what were their aircraft like? The soviet aviation landscape While many readers are intimately familiar with Boeing and Airbus’ early years, the soviet civil aviation landscape maybe a little more obscure to most. Now you will… ( עוד...

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Wolfgang Prigge 4
I flew on an Aeroflot Ilyushin 62 once, from Moscow to Berlin, in 1969. Food was actually very good, with smoked salmon and Russian champagne, but the cabin personnel seem genetically unable to even try to smile.
Benjamin St Aubyn 2
My experience,
and aircraft,
Only thing different was the route.
Larry Toler 2
It came up on my Google news feed yesterday. Decent article. It made me want to research more on the subject.
sparkie624 3
Same here.... Very interesting story, even though I want to do more research on it.
Richard Orgill 1
I have a great photo of the 717 at Long Beach Airport from years ago. Haven't thought of that till this article. Kudos to Nicholas Cummins for a well written/researched article.

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