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Cathay Pacific Says Farewell To The World’s First Airbus A330

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The very first A330 to ever roll off the production line at Airbus has been bid farewell. Having been used for certification flights for Airbus, B-HLJ went on to work for the Cathay group for more than two decades. Now, it has taken its last flight and will be resting its wings in Taipei. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 2
quite often airbus has designed and manufactured an aircraft of substance and character: witness the A330. Correct for the times, even decades, and worthy of upgrade within its class. This example, B-HJL does not deserve to finish its days as drink or vegetable cans or worse. Leave it intact and on a prominent place at a major airport, just as the 747 needs to be memorialized, and the MD-80 series. These were the foundations of air travel, supplanted due to high oil prices, not from being unsafe and inefficient otherwise birds.
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 1
Damn...the first of my favourite Airbus aircraft is retiring. RIP.
jptq63 0

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