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United refrains from retiring aircraft, stands ready to expand long-haul travel

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United Airlines has no plans to retire aircraft following the devastating coronavirus crisis, saying it stands ready to resume normal services and to offer more long-haul flights to overseas destinations once travel restrictions lift. ( עוד...

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Loren Wood 2
I haven't flown United in more than a Decade if not 15 years. I live in Delta/Alaska airlines country. Nearest United Airlines Airport is 160 miles away. Loved them back in the late '80's, early '90's, but flew them less and less cause of where I live.
mary susan watkins 1
there is optimisum and hope that eventually the travelling public will come back as strong as ever...ual is making a good decision..even if they must "mothball" aircraft for a while,i dont think they want to "downsize" to the point of "retiring" aircraft..they have however announced their plans to lay off thousands of employees and offer buyouts..that is a "gven" and at this point a necessity for the monetary bottom line...
sparkie624 1
Glad to hear it... We need to get more back to normalization.
mary susan watkins 1
sparkie.."normalization" is a long way off..until and unless the virus is eradicated and a vaccine is found to work on the millions who will need it,there wont be a "normal"as you mentioned...
ADXbear 1
Good.. thanks
Jamar Jackson 1
I flew United yesterday both flights 80 percent full
Scott Campbell 0
I've flown United for almost 20 years of great service, changes and now covid, almost weekly even now. Delta is currently flying their 57's ATL to SNA almost empty. Keep ALL the 57's United we love them, even the 300's - SMART DECISION !!

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